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Curious about what APIs Coursera has available?

We have the special opportunity this weekend to break down the barriers to education for refugee girls — this is particularly well-aligned with our mission to provide universal access to the world's best education.
Check out some of the work we're doing in this space here:

While we don't have an officially supported third-party API, the Coursera APIs are available for you to use in your hack this weekend. Check out http://goo.gl/x1vmHl for more information about accessing the `catalogResults.v2` resource (and in turn, many of the other resources that you might see if you check out some of the network traffic while visiting Coursera.org).

P.S. Curious about Coursera? Talk to anyone walking around in a Coursera t-shirt, or stop by our booth and pick up a brochure.

P.P.S. We invite you to continue your own growth and learning by providing you with free access to a course on Coursera. Happy learning! Check out https://www.coursera.org/voucher/chime-hack-4

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